a survey of foodborne pathogens in bulk tank milk and raw milk consumption among farm families in pennsylvania.a 2-part study was conducted to determine the risk of exposure to human pathogens from raw milk. the first part of the study focused on determining raw milk consumption habits of dairy producers. a total of 248 dairy producers from 16 counties in pennsylvania were surveyed. overall, 105 (42.3%) of the 248 dairy producers consumed raw milk and 170 (68.5%) of the 248 dairy producers were aware of foodborne pathogens in raw milk. dairy producers who were not aware of foodborne pathogens in raw milk ...200616772561
notes from the field: yersinia enterocolitica infections associated with pasteurized milk --- southwestern pennsylvania, march-august, 2011.on july 22, 2011, a pediatric infectious disease physician reported a culture-confirmed case of yersinia enterocolitica infection to the allegheny county health department (achd), pennsylvania. two additional cases in allegheny county with onset around the same time were identified by pennsylvania's version of the national electronic disease surveillance system aberration detection algorithm, which routinely evaluates disease reports, searching for unusual events. during march-august for the 3-y ...201122012118
yersinia enterocolitica infections associated with improperly pasteurized milk products: southwest pennsylvania, march-august, july 2011, a cluster of yersinia enterocolitica infections was detected in southwestern pennsylvania, usa. we investigated the outbreak's source and scope in order to prevent further transmission. twenty-two persons were diagnosed with yersiniosis; 16 of whom reported consuming pasteurized dairy products from dairy a. pasteurized milk and food samples were collected from this dairy. y. enterocolitica was isolated from two products. isolates from both food samples and available clinical isolat ...201424128938
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