waterborne gastrointestinal illness at a ski resort. --isolation of yersinia enterocolitica from drinking water--.approximately 41 percent of the visitors and employees who were at a ski resort in montana between december 23, 1974, and january 17, 1975, became ill with diarrhea and other gastrointestinal symptoms. the association between illness and water consumption proved to be significant, and the previously noncontaminated water supply was found to contain coliforms. no pathogens except yersinia enterocolitica were isolated, and it was isolated from two wells serving the area. the role of y. enterocolit ...1977866562
yersinia enterocolitica: an unlikely cause of positive brucellosis tests in greater yellowstone ecosystem bison (bison bison).yersinia enterocolitica serotype o:9 has identical o-antigens to those of brucella abortus and has apparently caused false-positive reactions in numerous brucellosis serologic tests in elk (cervus canadensis) from southwest montana. we investigated whether a similar phenomenon was occurring in brucellosis antibody-positive bison (bison bison) using y. enterocolitica culturing techniques and multiplex pcr of four diagnostic loci. feces from 53 yellowstone bison culled from the population and 113 ...201222740518
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