results of wellness examinations of 28 african hunting dog (lycaon pictus) puppies at the denver zoological foundation.since 2002 the denver zoological foundation has produced 28 african hunting dog (lycaon pictus) puppies in 3 litters (7, 14 and 7 pups) from the same dam and sire. wellness examinations were performed on each puppy. the wellness examinations spanned the range of 6-14 weeks of age. during the wellness examinations, in addition to physical examinations and vaccinations, blood samples for complete blood counts and sera biochemistry were obtained. weights, morphometric measurements, rectal cultures ...200717665764
waterborne yersinia enterocolitica in the midwest united hundred forty strains of waterborne y. enterocolitica were isolated from wisconsin and colorado rivers, lakes and wells between october 1974 and march 1976- direct-plating of unconcentrated water specimens on deoxycholate-citrate-mannitol (y-m) agar resulted in 89 isolates. prolonged incubation of specimens in cooked meat broth produced 51 additional strains. most organisms were indole-positive, niléln biotype 1 with 24% belonging to the rhamnophilum subgroup. twenty-three serotypes were rep ...1979535377
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