isolation of yersinia from raw meat (pork and chicken) and precooked meat (porcine tongues and sausages) collected from commercial establishments in mexico city.a total of 160 meat product samples were collected from commercial outlets in mexico city to investigate the presence of different species of yersinia by the 4 degrees c enrichment method after 1, 3, 5, and 7 days of incubation using alkaline treatment and isolating in cefsulodin-irgasan-novobiocin and macconkey agars with tween 80. overall, yersinia spp. were isolated from 27% of the samples analyzed, whereas 40% of the raw and only 13% of the precooked samples were contaminated. although 2,970 ...200010772223
prevalence of yersinia enterocolitica in raw cow's milk collected from stables of mexico city.yersinia enterocolitica has been isolated from a batch of pork-derived products, from healthy and diseased animals, and from different types of milk and dairy products, among others. we studied the prevalence and diversity of y. enterocolitica isolated from raw cow's milk collected from stables in mexico city. of the 1,300 samples analyzed, y. enterocolitica was isolated in 454, with an average of 25% positive samples for each stable. of the total isolated bacteria of the yersinia genus, 44.25% ...201323575136
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