[biological properties of strain of yersinia enterocolitica isolated from humans].a total of 1300 patients were examined; this number included patients suffering from food poisoning and with suspected dysentery hsopitalized at the isolation hospital; patients with diarrheal diseases under observation of the intestinal unit of the sanitary-epidemiological station, and patients with acute or exacerbation of chronic affection of the bile tracts. a total of 28 yersinia enterocolitical strains were isolated from these patients, this constituting 2.1% of the total number os examina ...1977899457
[laboratory diagnosis of yersinia infection and its improvement].results of the bacteriological and serological tests of patients with y. enterocolitica and y. pseudotuberculosis infections for the period from 1994 to 2004 were analyzed. main reasons of imperfect laboratory diagnostics were revealed, such as, low sensitivity of bacteriologic test, nonobservance of existing recommendations on diagnostics of yersinia infections, performing of single but not repeated serologic test, absence of necessary laboratory equipment. main ways of improving of quality of ...200717672133
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