epidemiologic evaluation of multiple respiratory pathogens in cats in animal shelters.upper respiratory tract infection (uri) propagates readily within cats in shelters and often results in euthanasia of affected cats. in a case-control evaluation of 573 cats in eight shelters in california in 2001 and 2002, the prevalence of feline calicivirus (fcv) was from 13 to 36%, feline herpesvirus (fhv) was from 3 to 38%, and prevalence of bordetella bronchiseptica, chlamydophila felis, and mycoplasma species was from 2 to 14%. cats with uri tended to be housed in isolation, dehydrated, a ...200515771947
molecular epidemiology of feline bordetellosis in two animal shelters in california, usa."kennel cough" in dogs in animal shelters is readily transmissible, reduces adoption rates, and commonly leads to the euthanasia of affected dogs. in cats, tracheobronchitis, conjunctivitis, and pneumonia have been associated with bordetella bronchiseptica infection-but most cases of upper-respiratory infection (uri) probably are caused by herpesvirus and calicivirus, and many b. bronchiseptica culture-positive cats are clinically normal. our prospective observational study was undertaken to doc ...200212069777
bordetella bronchiseptica in laboratory cats from central california. 19734347755
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