disease conditions affecting common seals (phoca vitulina) around the scottish mainland, september-november 1988.common seal populations around the scottish coast were less severly devastated by phocine distemper than those on the continent. nevertheless, over a 4-month period, 59 common seals were examined postmortem. the macroscopic and histopathological lesions are described. forty-two per cent of these seals were considered to be suffering from phocine distemper. serology on 29 of the 59 seals was undertaken and the results are discussed in relation to the histopathological findings. bordetella bronchi ...19921594936
ribotyping and restriction endonuclease analysis reveal a novel clone of bordetella bronchiseptica in seals.the goal of the present study was to characterize, by ribotyping and restriction endonuclease analysis (rea), 35 phocine bordetella bronchiseptica isolates and to ascertain their relationship to one another and to isolates acquired from other host species. thirty-four isolates were obtained in scotland during a 10-year period encompassing the 1988 epizootic; the remaining isolate was obtained independently in denmark. all phocine isolates had an identical pvu ii ribotype unique from the 18 ribot ...200011108453
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