mass sociogenic illness in a youth july, 1989, 63 (42%) of 150 children ages 4-14 years attending an outreach program at a youth center in florida, but no employees, developed acute and rapidly resolving upper gastrointestinal symptoms 2 to 40 minutes after a prepackaged lunch. all ill children were sent to 3 local hospital emergency departments for evaluation. however, clinical evaluation was normal for all. of 102 children who ate any prepackaged foods, 48 (47%) became ill compared to 1/19 (5%) for children who did not eat ( ...19921439062
bacillus acidiceler sp. nov., isolated from a forensic specimen, containing bacillus anthracis px02 genes.research at the center for biological defense identified plasmid-borne forms of bacillus anthracis pxo2 genes in a gram-positive, endospore-forming rod, isolated from a forensic specimen considered a credible threat of harbouring anthrax. conventional, commercial and molecular-based methods indicated that the isolate (cbd 119(t)) was not b. anthracis and considered not to be a member of the bacillus cereus group. based on the 16s rrna gene sequence similarities, strain cbd 119(t) was most closel ...200717766868
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