bacillus cereus phage typing as an epidemiological tool in outbreaks of food poisoning.bacillus cereus is responsible for an increasing number of food poisoning cases. by using 12 bacteriophages isolated from sewage, a typing scheme for b. cereus isolates from outbreaks or sporadic cases of food poisoning was developed. the phages belonged to three morphotypes. ten phages with contractile tails and icosahedral heads were members of the myoviridae family, and two phages with noncontractile tails belonged to the siphoviridae family. phage 11 represented a new species. it had an isom ...19957751369
bacillus cereus and bacillus thuringiensis isolated in a gastroenteritis outbreak investigation.during investigation of a gastroenteritis outbreak in a chronic care institution, norwalk virus was found in stool specimens from two individuals and bacterial isolates presumptively identified as bacillus cereus were isolated from four individuals (including one with norwalk virus) and spice. phage typing confirmed all bacillus clinical isolates were phage type 2. all clinical isolates were subsequently identified as b. thuringiensis when tested as a result of a related study (l. leroux, person ...19957639990
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