microflora of minimally processed frozen vegetables sold in gaborone, botswana.two hundred samples of minimally processed, frozen, and prepacked potato chips, peas, corn, and a variety of combined vegetables from supermarkets in gaborone, botswana, were examined microbiologically. determination of aerobic mesophilic plate count, aerobic psychrotrophic plate count, lactic acid bacteria, yeasts and molds, coliforms, listeria spp., and staphylococcus aureus were done. chips had the lowest mean log values for all of the microorganisms enumerated except yeasts and molds. the me ...200617133799
presence of bacillus cereus in street foods in gaborone, botswana.the purpose of this study was to evaluate the microbiological safety and quality of street foods sold in gaborone, botswana. a total of 148 point-of-sale composite street food samples were bought and analyzed between june 2001 and may 2002. the analysis focused on the level of contamination of various street foods with bacillus cereus. the b. cereus (vegetative and spores), total spore, and total viable counts were determined on all the samples. also b. cereus isolates from 444 individual point- ...200515726979
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