enteritis in cattle due to yersinia pseudotuberculosis infection.a selective medium was used to isolate yersinia sp from the intestinal tract of 222 scouring cattle in gippsland during 1985 and 1986. intestinal infection with y. pseudotuberculosis, particularly of serotype iii, was found to be especially prevalent in weaned calves, yearlings and young adult cattle. clinically affected cattle had a profuse liquid diarrhoea and many were systemically ill. haematological changes suggestive of infection were present in 38 of 49 of these cattle. at least 35 cattle ...19883056376
yersinia species isolated from sheep with 40 submissions to the regional veterinary laboratory (rvl) wagga wagga from sheep in southern new south wales from 1981 to 1989, 53 isolates of yersinia sp were recovered from 45 sheep in 37 flocks. of 53 isolates, 26 were identified as y. pseudotuberculosis, 20 as y. enterocolitica, 5 as y. intermedia and 2 as y. frederiksenii. twelve isolates of y. pseudotuberculosis tested in the slide agglutination test all belonged to serotype iii. the 20 y. enterocolitica isolates were categorised bioch ...19912043083
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