[skin tests with yersinia pseudotuberculosis antigen in turkey (author's transl)].intradermal reactions to yersinia pseudotuberculosis antigen are investigated on 2759 persons in different regions of turkey (samsun, antalya, urfa, diyarbakir, hakkâri, ağri, denizli and ankara provinces). this test was found positive in 56 persons. the highest percentage of positive reactions was observed on the people from samsun, diyarbakir and urfa. no positive tests were observed on the people from hakkâri. the skin test results were also investigated and observed considering the time of t ...1979399991
[studies of yersinia pestis in wild animals captured in ankara, konya and nevsehir].no yersinia pestis could be isolated, by culturing and by inoculations to 1212 guinea-pigs and 150 mice; from 623 citellus, 41 mus musculus, 55 microtus, 442 meriones, 70 rattus rattus, 56 turtle, 89 hare, 1 hamster, 1 hedgehog, 1 sea snake, altogether 790 dead, 589 alive, i.e. 1379. wild animals captured in ankara, konya (karapinar), urfa (akçakale) and in nevşehir. in 141 sera taken from citellus captured alive, and in 174 sera taken from guinea-pigs inoculated with spleen, liver and kidney su ...1976933892
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