epidemiological study of the intestinal helminths of wild boar (sus scrofa) and mouflon (ovis gmelini musimon) in central italy.since 1995 the population of wild ungulates increased significantly in the "parco provinciale dei monti livornesi" (livorno, tuscany, central italy). we studied the intestinal macroparasites of two hosts, the wild boar (sus scrofa) and the mouflon (ovis gmelini musimon). in the case of wild boars we found a dominant parasite species, globocephalus urosubulatus. for this parasite the frequency distribution of the number of parasites per host agrees with a negative binomial distribution. there is ...200212701385
coccidiosis of wild and captive european mouflons (ovis aries) living in a natural reserve of central italy.between december 2005 and november 2006, a survey on coccidiosis of wild and captive mouflons living in the orecchiella natural reserve (tuscany, italy) was performed on faecal samples collected approximately every two months. a total of 96 samples were collected, 55 of which from wild mouflons and 41 from captive mouflons. on these faecal samples qualitative and quantitative parasitological analyses were performed; moreover, faecal cultures were made in order to identify the involved eimeria sp ...201022320018
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