[origin and genetic diversity of mongolian and chinese sheep using mitochondrial dna d-loop sequences].to determine the origin and gene diversity of the chinese and mongolian domestic sheep, a partial fragment of mitochondrial dna d-loop was sequenced for total number of 314 individuals from nine chinese sheep populations and 11 mongolian sheep populations. the results show no difference in nucleotide composition between chinese and mongolian sheep mtdna d-loop sequences. however, more variables were identified in mongolian sheep (26.85% of the sites) than that in chinese sheep (24.22%). in china ...200516459654
mitochondrial dna diversity, origin, and phylogenic relationships of three chinese large-fat-tailed sheep breeds.china is abundant of sheep genetic resources. a total of 55 sequences containing the ovis aries mtdna d: -loop of three large-fat-tailed sheep breeds, named lanzhou, tong, and han were retrieved from genbank to investigate their genetic diversity, origin, and phylogenetic evolution. the results showed that the sheep breeds in our study proved to be extremely diverse, the average haplotype diversity and nucleotide diversity were 0.987 ± 0.006 and 0.03956 ± 0.00206, respectively. the 55 sequences ...201121503751
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