inhibitors of western and venezuelan equine encephalitis viruses in cattle sera from hawaii. 19725061277
[tentative discrimination of adult female simulids (diptera: simuliidae) in nuku-hiva (marquesas archipelago, french polynesia)].simulium sechani craig & fossati, 1995 was recently found for the first time in a part of nuku-hiva island. this species coexists with simulim buissoni roubaud 1906, the dominant species, and always regarded as the main biting fly on the island. the problem is that optimisation of control operations needs a good knowledge of targets. the unknown female of s. sechani is the reason of this study. this study used samples collected before the description of s. sechani to try to correlate its geograp ...200011147037
hepatotoxicity associated with pyrrolizidine alkaloid (crotalaria spp) ingestion in a horse on easter island.since 1984, a significant number of privately owned and feral horses on easter island have died of a syndrome consisting of progressive anorexia, weight loss, obtundation, and other central nervous system abnormalities. a single horse experiencing clinical signs of the reported syndrome was identified, examined and necropsied. clinical signs included inappetence, emaciation, ataxia and icterus. gross necropsy findings included hepatic enlargement and mottling, ascites and gastric impaction. hist ...199910192140
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