arbovirus isolations from mosquitoes collected during and after the 1982-1983 epizootic of western equine encephalitis in argentina.mosquitoes were collected in santa fe and rio negro provinces, argentina, in 1982-1983 during a western equine encephalitis (wee) epizootic. totals of 153,084 mosquitoes from santa fe province and 484 from rio negro province were tested for virus in 2,351 pools. seventeen virus strains were isolated, all from santa fe collections, as follows: 4 wee, 6 venezuelan equine encephalitis, 1 st. louis encephalitis, 2 antequera, 1 maguari, 1 melao, 1 new vesiculovirus (calchaqui), and 1 gamboa. the wee ...19872880521
the use of an animal-baited net trap for collecting mosquitoes during western equine encephalitis investigations in argentina.a large net trap was used to sample mosquito populations attracted to horses at three sites each in santa fe and rio negro provinces, argentina, during the austral summer of 1984. these provinces, as well as others in argentina, were affected by a severe epizootic of western equine encephalitis (wee) during 1982-83. totals of 2,752 and 6,929 mosquitoes were collected in santa fe and rio negro provinces during five and three trap nights, respectively. culex mosquitoes of the subgenus culex were p ...19852906656
[diet as a risk factor for coronary atherosclerosis in a rural area of argentinian patagonia. comparison with the urban zone of viedma].to determine risk factors, a clinical, cardiologic, biochemical and nutritional study was carried out. a sample of the rural population of comi-co (n = 92), which included descendants of mapuche indians, was compared with a sample of the urban population of viedma (n = 94). sheep, goat and horse meat from the rural district was analyzed. in horse meat, intramuscular fat was 1.16 g%, with 34.5% of polyunsaturated fatty acids including linolenic (18:3 w3) 11.9%, linoleic (18:2 w6) 21.0%. the diet ...19938246733
cocirculation of rio negro virus (rnv) and pixuna virus (pixv) in tucumán province, argentina.venezuelan equine encephalitis complex includes viruses considered emerging pathogens for humans and animals in the americas. two members of this complex have been detected previously in argentina: rio negro virus (rnv), detected in mosquitoes from chaco province and rodents from formosa province, and pixuna virus (pixv), detected in mosquitoes from chaco province. to carry out surveillance studies in other parts of the country, detection of a 195-bp fragment of alphaviruses by rt-nested pcr was ...201020497404
enzootic activity of pixuna and rio negro viruses (venezuelan equine encephalitis complex) in a neotropical region of argentina.venezuelan equine encephalitis complex viruses cause epidemics and epizootics periodically in some regions of the americas. in argentina, only enzootic rio negro virus (ag80-663) (rnv) has been isolated. to survey and identify activity of viruses that belong to venezuelan equine encephalitis complex in a template region of the country, a generic alphavirus rt-nested pcr was performed in 99 mosquito pools collected in chaco province. five pools were positive, and amplicons were sequenced: four of ...201019402767
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