a newly recognized vesiculovirus, calchaqui virus, and subtypes of melao and maguari viruses from argentina, with serologic evidence for infections of humans and 1983, 17 virus strains were isolated from mosquitoes collected during an outbreak of western equine encephalitis in santa fe province, argentina. strains of western equine encephalitis, venezuelan equine encephalitis, st. louis encephalitis, and antequera viruses were isolated, as were several bunyaviruses of the california and bunyamwera serogroups and a new vesiculovirus. complement fixation and neutralization tests were used to identify the california serogroup virus as a subtype of melao ...19872880522
localized eastern equine encephalitis in santiago del estero province, argentina, without human 1981, a localized epizootic of eastern equine encephalitis (eee) occurred in irrigated areas of four counties in the province of santiago del estero, argentina. the diagnosis was confirmed by serology, and there was no evidence of involvement of western or venezuelan equine encephalitis viruses. the overall incidence of equine encephalitis was estimated 17%, the case-fatality rate at 61% and the inapparent: apparent infection ratio less than or equal to 2.9:1. this is the first localized epiz ...19911921689
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