arbovirus investigations in argentina, 1977-1980. ii. arthropod collections and virus isolations from argentine mosquitoes.prospective surveys for arboviruses were carried out in santa fe, corrientes, and chaco provinces, argentina, aperiodically during 1977-1980. a total of 313,233 mosquitoes and 598 biting flies other than mosquitoes were collected and tested for virus in 5,197 and 45 pools, respectively. forty virus strains were isolated, all from mosquitoes, as follows: santa fe province: 4 gamboa group viruses from aedeomyia squamipennis, 1 strain each of st. louis encephalitis virus from culex pipiens quinquef ...19852863989
arbovirus investigations in argentina, 1977-1980. i. historical aspects and description of study sites.this is the introductory paper to a series on the ecology of arboviruses in argentina. epizootics of equine encephalitis have occurred since at least 1908, principally in the pampa and espinal biogeographic zones, with significant economic losses; human cases of encephalitis have been rare or absent. both western equine and eastern equine encephalitis viruses have been isolated from horses during these epizootics, but the mosquitoes responsible for transmission have not been identified. a number ...19854037184
[complement-fixing antibodies against venezuelan equine encephalitis virus in the populations of corrientes and chaco, argentina]. 19836672936
cocirculation of rio negro virus (rnv) and pixuna virus (pixv) in tucumán province, argentina.venezuelan equine encephalitis complex includes viruses considered emerging pathogens for humans and animals in the americas. two members of this complex have been detected previously in argentina: rio negro virus (rnv), detected in mosquitoes from chaco province and rodents from formosa province, and pixuna virus (pixv), detected in mosquitoes from chaco province. to carry out surveillance studies in other parts of the country, detection of a 195-bp fragment of alphaviruses by rt-nested pcr was ...201020497404
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