pedigree analysis in the austrian noriker draught horse: genetic diversity and the impact of breeding for coat colour on population structure.the pedigree of the current austrian noriker draught horse population comprising 2808 horses was traced back to the animals considered as founders of this breed. in total, the number of founders was 1991, the maximum pedigree length was 31 generations, with an average of 12.3 complete generations. population structure in this autochthonous austrian draught horse breed is defined by seven breeding regions (carinthia, lower austria, salzburg, styria, tyrol, upper austria and vorarlberg) or through ...200919765161
[serological studies of the recent infections of austrian horses with the equine arteritis virus].944 serum samples of horses, collected in 1988 and 1989, were examined for the occurrence of antibodies against equine arteritis virus by a microneutralizations test. in 10.9% of all sera reactors could be found. the distribution of seropositive horses varied from 4.6% (salzburg) to 15.7% (lower austria). from tyrol and vorarlberg no samples could be obtained. it was not possible, to correlate clinical symptoms (infertility, respiratory symptoms, fever and edema) with the infection. it is assume ...19911851082
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