[comparison of salmonella findings in meat and man in vienna in 1972]. 19734200064
[diagnosis of salmonella at the abattoir in vienna]. 19695395698
horses and borrelia: immunoblot patterns with five borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato strains and sera from horses of various stud farms in austria and from the spanish riding school in vienna.grazing animals are continuously exposed to tick bites. consequently, one may expect that horses will become infected with the various pathogens carried by ticks including borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato. whether horses may develop clinical disease due to this pathogen is controversially discussed. we were interested to learn about the infection of horses with borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato within one season by studying the dynamics of the humoral immune response in paired blood samples. the ma ...200212141766
the psychoanalytic process in the treatment of little hans.this paper studies the psychoanalytic process in the treatment of little hans, using samuel abrams's 1988 paper in which he defines the psychoanalytic process as the sequence of steps which appears within the mind of the patient as the treatment proceeds. as with the adult, the child can affectively recall or reenact the past in the transference, but the child also tries to promote whatever developmental phase is being clocked in. in january 1908 max graf, hans's father and a member of the vienn ...200718524088
[the oldest german textbook on internal medicine of horses, edited at the kayserlich-köngliche pferd-cur und operations schul in vienna in 1770].the manuscript has the title: "erkandtnus deren innerlichen krankheiten des pferds überhaupt". through two take downs of the lectures of ludwig scotti, the founder of the first school for veterinarians in the german speaking part of europe and its first teacher, the manuscript is identified as another take down. the first part of the manuscript, which is about internal medicine, in large passages is a literally translation of lafosse's "guide de maréchal". in most passages the second part, which ...19968767180
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