injuries caused by animals.injuries caused by animals and treated at the university hospital of umeå were analysed. dogs caused nearly one-half of the injuries, while horses caused one-third of the injuries and the highest number of fractures. the 'cost' of treatment and sickness benefit was fairly evenly distributed between horse-, cattle-, and dog-related injuries. the average 'cost' per injured person was, however, highest in those injured in cattle accidents and moose-car collisions. the impact of animal-related injur ...19911937726
[survey of personal injuries caused by dogs and cats in umeå. walking the dog was the activity most often related to injury].injuries due to interaction with dogs and cats are not uncommon, and constituted 1.4% of all injuries in an unselected policlinical and inpatient material. this material was collected from a population of 135,000 people in northern sweden, and during 2 years 280 patients with injuries related to these domestic animals were found (ndogs = 212, ncats = 68). the injuries were in most cases caused by bites and by falls. the former were more common among men, the latter more common among women and re ...200211887713
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