prognostic indicators in a danish hospital-based population of colic horses.a prospective survey of 528 colic horses, referred to the large animal hospital at the royal veterinary and agricultural university of copenhagen, denmark, during the period august 1994 to december 1998, was undertaken to develop a predictive model for application in the clinical assessment of prognosis. in the multivariate logistic regression analysis, 357 colic cases were used in the elaboration of a simple clinical-practical model consisting of degree of pain, packed cell volume, capillary re ...200011202376
effects of fecal collection and storage factors on strongylid egg counts in horses.fecal analyses are becoming increasingly important for equine establishments as a means of parasite surveillance and detection of anthelmintic resistance. although several studies have evaluated various egg counting techniques, little is known about the quantitative effects of pre-analytic factors such as collection and storage of fecal samples. this study evaluated the effects of storage temperature, storage time and airtight versus open-air storage on fecal egg counts. the experimental protoco ...201019850412
[prevalence of lungworm d. arnfieldi (cobbold 1884) in donkeys in denmark and in horses in herds together with donkeys (author's transl)].during a 5 months' period from january to may 1981 faecal samples of 176 donkeys from 59 herds all over the country were examined at the institute of internal medicine, the royal veterinary and agricultural university, copenhagen. in addition, the investigation also included 106 horses from 30 of the donkey herds and 34 horses hospitalized with symptoms of dyspnoea and chronic coughing. in all, 87.5% of the donkeys were shown to excrete d. arnfieldi larvae, often in very high numbers, and the la ...19816460220
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