culicoides midges in catalonia (spain), with special reference to likely bluetongue virus vectors.midges of the genus culicoides (diptera: ceratopogonidae) were trapped weekly from may 2001 through december 2002 on two farms in the province of barcelona (spain). dosrius farm was stocked with sheep and goats whereas bellaterra farm had only sheep. this trapping programme was carried out within the framework of an investigation into the occurrence/absence of possible vectors of bluetongue virus (btv) in mainland spain. a total of 30,079 culicoides specimens were collected from 165 light trap c ...200312941013
clinical features of the 1992 outbreak of equine viral arteritis in spain.during 1992, a widespread outbreak of equine viral arteritis (eva) occurred at a riding establishment near barcelona, spain. a total of 31 out of 186 horses on the premises displayed clinical signs, most frequently, fever, depression, mild ventral and limb oedema and a vesicular-erosive stomatitis, with hypersalivation, petechiations and small ulcerations. affected horses developed illness of varying severity with only a few exhibiting a severe form of the disease and no mortality was recorded. ...19958536667
characteristics of the external quality assessment (eqa) scheme for haematology in spain.ensuring reliable results of the tests which are performed in large haematology laboratories is essential because of the problems resulting from the use of complex automated instruments and the ever increasing workload. the spanish haematology eqa scheme started in 1984 with 56 laboratories, a number which rose to 332 in 1989. the general scheme follows the guidelines established by the international committee for standardization in haematology (icsh) with participants from public health (57.9%) ...19911764582
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