tarasca: ritual monster of spain.let us now revisit our original assumptions. first, we note that for the participants in hacinas carnival the tarasca is a figure of fun and joy, but it also exudes a strain of aggressive misogyny that many female residents, not to mention tourists, find somewhat unsettling. in the spirit of feminist currents in spain, a group of young women protested in 1992 to town officials and, when rebuffed, sought to build their own female monster, which they intended to use to attack boys and men. while t ...200819831233
temperature and the persistence of viruses in culicoides spp. during adverse conditions.the average daily maximum temperature for the coldest month during the winters of 1977-1978 and 1978-1979, when bluetongue (bt) virus overwintered in a cycle between culicoides spp. and cattle in western turkey (aydin and izmir provinces), was found to be 12.5 degrees c. this temperature agreed with the lowest temperatures found for culicoides activity and for flight over long distances. overwintering of bt virus in western turkey and lesbos (1979-1980), african horse sickness (ahs) virus in spa ...19938219328
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