"the grave yawns for the horseman." equestrian deaths in south australia 1973-1983.the fatalities associated with the riding and handling of horses in south australia over the 11-year period 1973-1983 are reviewed. there were 18 deaths, including two sudden natural deaths in the saddle and one drowning. the 15 cases of horse-related trauma represent a death rate of approximately one per million population per annum. thirteen of the deaths were the result of a head injury after a fall. nine persons were not wearing protective headgear. the two principal groups at risk were male ...19846493111
sports-related facial fractures: a review of 137 hundred and thirty-seven patients with sports-related facial fractures were reviewed. these made up 16.3% of 839 patients with facial fractures seen at the department of plastic and reconstructive surgery, royal adelaide hospital, between june 1989 and june 1992. males made up 93.4% of patients and 89.1% were aged below 35 years. there was an intent to injure in 11%. australian rules football was the causative sport in 52.6%, all the injuries being the result of human contact. orbitozygomati ...19938274121
rider injury rates and emergency medical services at equestrian riding is a hazardous pastime, with a number of studies documenting high rates of injury and death among horse riders in general. this study focuses on the injury experience of cross country event riders, a high risk subset of horse riders.199910027058
in vitro transposon mutagenesis of an equine herpesvirus 1 genome cloned as a bacterial artificial chromosome.the 150-kbp genome of the alphaherpesvirus equine herpesvirus 1 (ehv-1) strain hvs25a was cloned as a bacterial artificial chromosome (ehv-1 bac), with mini f plasmid sequences inserted between genes 62 and 63. transfection of ehv-1 bac dna purified from e. coli gave rise to progeny virus that had a similar growth rate and yield in mammalian cell culture to those of parental wild-type ehv-1. using in vitro mutagenesis with a mu transposon, a large library of ehv-1 bac mutants was generated, and ...200616855811
mycobacterium ulcerans infections in two horses in south-eastern australia.two horses were diagnosed as having mycobacterium ulcerans infections. the first was a 21-year-old quarterhorse-cross mare living in mallacoota (a coastal town near the border of new south wales and victoria, australia) that presented with lichenification, hair-loss and oedema on a fetlock, which subsequently ulcerated, as well as a non-healing ulcer on the wither. the second horse was a 32 year-old standardbred gelding from nicholson, near bairnsdale, victoria, that had an ulcerated lesion on i ...201020402694
pimelea trichostachya poisoning (st george disease) in horses.a dense population of pimelea trichostachya plants (family thymelaeaceae) in pasture poisoned a horse herd in southern inland queensland in october-november 2005. plant density was 2 to 45 g wet weight/m(2) (mean 16 g/m(2)) from 5 to 69 plants/m(2) (mean 38 plants/m(2)) representing 3 to 20% (mean 9%) of the volume of pasture on offer. ten of 35 mares, fillies and geldings were affected. clinical signs were loss of body weight, profound lethargy, serous nasal discharge, severe watery diarrhoea a ...200717470070
vector competence of australian mosquitoes (diptera: culicidae) for japanese encephalitis virus.australian mosquitoes were evaluated for their ability to become infected with and transmit a torres strait strain of japanese encephalitis virus. mosquitoes, which were obtained from either laboratory colonies and collected using centers for disease control and prevention light traps baited with co2 and octenol or reared from larvae, were infected by feeding on a blood/sucrose solution containing 10(4.5 +/- 0.1) porcine stable-equine kidney (ps-ek) tissue culture infectious dose50/mosquito of t ...200312597658
neuro-ophthalmological sequelae of horse-related accidents.the aim of this study was to highlight the neuro-ophthalmological dangers associated with horse riding, and working around horses, and the importance of wearing adequate headgear to protect the rider from neuro-ophthalmic injuries. it raises the questions of whether the current laws regarding helmet use are satisfactory, and whether helmets currently used are of an adequate standard.200111545416
the policy-research interface: an insider's view.this paper is a summary of some illuminating comments made by the author when invited to discuss some of the above papers in the area of liquor licensing and availability. prior to his appointment as the director and government printer of state print in south australia, the author had been the first director of liquor licensing in western australia. in that capacity he was responsible for undertaking a major review of the liquor act in western australia and in implementing a new administrative s ...19938453335
ovulatory activity, hormonal induction of ovulation and fertility of young cashmere and angora female goats in a temperate environment.reproductive parameters of young cashmere and angora goats born between 1988 and 1990 and grazed on temperate pastures in southern australia were examined with a view to reducing the age of first breeding. females born in august or october of 1989 and 1990 were examined each month by laparoscopy to determine natural ovulatory activity when 6-19-months old. cashmeres commenced ovulating as young as 7 months of age or as light as 12 kg. almost all cashmeres were ovulating by 8-10 months of age at ...19947624515
resistance to benzimidazole anthelmintics in equine strongyles. 1. frequency, geographical distribution and relationship between occurrence, animal husbandry procedures and anthelmintic usage.a survey was conducted to determine whether benzimidazole resistant populations of equine strongyles are present in new south wales and north central victoria; what is their frequency and geographical distribution; which species are involved; and whether different methods of parasite control could be related to the occurrence and frequency of anthelmintic resistant populations. resistant populations of strongyles were found over wide areas of new south wales and in north central victoria. there ...19817271605
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