prevalence of sarcocystis infection in horses in mongolia.sarcocystis infection was detected in 93% of horses in mongolia. using the compress method, sarcocysts were found in the muscles of the diaphragm, heart and tongue in 40 of the 43 horses that were slaughtered at the makh impex meat company in ulaan baatar in july 1998. the muscle of the tongue showed the highest rate (97.5%) of infection. the distribution of sarcocysts in the muscles was positively correlated with horse age; the rate of detection was significantly lower (p=0.01) in the under 10 ...200212757215
the absence of rhodococcus equi in mongolian native mongolian horses, the incidence and distribution of rhodococcus equi are poorly understood. one hundred and fourteen equine fecal samples and 71 soil samples were collected from the camp sites of 26 nomadic families located in three areas less than 100 km from ulaanbaatar, mongolia. five fecal samples were also collected from foals of przewalski's horses introduced into the hustai national park, mongolia. no r. equi was isolated from the mongolian horses or the soil samples. however, t ...200515997190
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