[peculiarities of incidence of leptospirosis in animals in moscow district]. 19684246094
[biological characteristics of influenza b viruses isolated during influenza b epidemics in 1976-1977].comparative studies of the antigenic structure of influenza b viruses isolated in 1976-1977 and in previous years demonstrated one-way relationship of the hemagglutinin of b/76 viruses with that of b/72 viruses. antisera to new b/76 strains neutralized the hemagglutinating activity of all known reference influenza b virus strains beginning from 1972. influenza b/76 viruses were divided into two groups depending on complete or partial neutralization by antiserum b/hong kong/7/75. the study of the ...1978749340
[air pollution and the prevalence of bronchial asthma among the pediatric population of moscow].the article presents results of descriptive epidemiologic study of bronchial asthma among children in moscow where the incidence is steadily growing. since 1947 average prevalence of bronchial asthma in moscow has increased over 7 times, being considerably uneven over the territory. the average prevalence equals 6.9/1,000, but on 56% of the territory it is double higher. sites of the higher occurrence are localized in the living area situated near the zoo, horse races, perfume factory and other ...19957663848
the one-horse race at moscow. 19807370618
[detection of influenza virus a antigens by radioimmunological methods in patients' nasopharyngeal washings].9olid-phase radioimmunoassay (spria) was used for the detection of influenza a (h3n2,h1n1) and b viruses in nasopharyngeal washings of patients admitted in january-march, 1983, to the 1st clinical hospital of moscow city with acute respiratory diseases. the solid phase consisted of nitrocellulose filters and plastic plates which were coated with nasopharyngeal washings of the patients. rabbit or horse antiviral immunoglobulins were used as antibodies. 125i-labeled protein a was the indicator sys ...19846495704
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