ibaraki disease and its relationship to bluetongue.ibaraki disease, an epizootic disease of cattle in japan resembling bluetongue, is characterized by fever and lesions affecting the mucous membranes, the skin, the musculature and vascular system. degeneration of striated muscular tissue is observed in the oesophagus, larynx, pharynx, tongue and the skeletal muscles. oedema and haemorrhage are marked in the mouth, lips, abomasum, around the coronets, etc., and are occasionally followed by degeneration of the epithelium leading to erosions or ulc ...1975169788
analysis of yearly changes in levels of antibodies to japanese encephalitis virus nonstructural 1 protein in racehorses in central japan shows high levels of natural virus activity still exist.recent reductions in numbers of human and equine japanese encephalitis (je) cases in japan have seen calls to end je vaccination. here, we analyzed yearly variations of natural je virus activity, using sera collected serially in 1998-2003 from racehorses residing in ibaraki and shiga prefectures, both located in central japan. a total of 208 sera from 24 individuals in ibaraki and 259 from 27 in shiga were examined for antibodies to je virus nonstructural 1 (ns1) protein, a marker of natural inf ...200616129523
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