immunogenicity and safety of purified vero-cell rabies vaccine in severely rabies-exposed patients in china.the immunogenicity and safety of a purified vero-cell rabies vaccine (pvrv, verorab; aventis pasteur, france) were evaluated in 171 patients treated for severe exposure to rabies (who category iii contacts) at the shandong provincial antiepidemic station in jinan and an epi center in ping yin, china. post-exposure treatment consisted of a single dose of equine rabies immunoglobulin (erig, 40 iu/kg body weight) on day (d) 0, and intra-muscular administration of pvrv on d 0, 3, 7, 14 and 28. antir ...200011127328
serological reports of human infections of h7 and h9 avian influenza viruses in northern china.h7 and h9 subtype avian influenza viruses pose a similar threat to humans as h5 virus.200919186101
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