isolation of dermatophytes and other keratinophilic fungi from the vicinity of salt pan soils of mumbai, india.soil samples from twenty salt pans and their vicinity around mumbai and thane were screened for the occurrence of keratinophilic fungi and related dermatophytes. ten species classified in six genera were recovered using horse hair as bait. the isolated species were reported in the following order of dominance: chrysosporium indicum (12.0%), microsporum gypseum complex (7.2%), c. tropicum (5.6%), c. state of ctenomyces serratus (4.0%), trichophyton terrestre (3.2%), malbranchea aurantiaca (2.4%), ...200415180153
observations on the coughing outbreak "newmarket cough" in the race horses in bombay. 196514338093
tick-borne rickettsioses in pune district, maharashtra, extensive study on tick-borne rickettsioses in the pune district of maharashtra revealed that indian tick typhus exists as a zoonosis, which only occasionally causes disease in man. by sero-conversion in guinea pigs, presumptive isolates of rickettsia conori and coxiella burnetii were recovered from 4 of the 11 species of ticks examined. boophilus microplus and rhipicephalus haemaphysalis were found to be harbouring r. conori whereas c. burnetii was isolated from haemaphysalis intermedia and ...19846500861
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