protective netting, an additional method for the integrated control of livestock trypanosomosis in kwazulu-natal province, south africa.studies were conducted in kwazulu-natal, south africa, to evaluate the effectiveness of netting in preventing glossina austeni and glossina brevipalpis from entering h-traps. results indicated that a net of 1.5 m in height was effective in reducing catches of g. austeni by 59.6% and catches of g. brevipalpis by 80.9%. increasing the net height to 2.5 m, reduced catches by 96.6% and 100% for g. brevipalpis and g. austeni, respectively. nets of this height also reduced catches of horse flies by 55 ...200617283734
a putative outbreak of equine lyme borreliosis in natal. 19902287001
antibodies against some viruses of domestic animals in southern african wild animals.twenty-four species of south african wild animals were tested for the presence of antibodies against the viruses of 16 common diseases of domestic animals. positive results were obtained for african horsesickness, equine encephalosis, equid herpes virus-1, infectious bovine rhinotracheitis, allerton disease (herpes mammillitis), lumpy skin disease, parainfluenza, encephalomyocarditis, bluetongue, wesselsbron disease, bovine ephemeral fever, and akabane disease complex. no antibodies could be dem ...19979352558
importation of canid rabies in a horse relocated from zimbabwe to south july 2003 a 2-year-old thoroughbred colt was imported from harare, zimbabwe to the ashburton training centre, pietermaritzburg, south africa. five months after importation, the colt presented with clinical signs suggestive of rabies: it was uncoordinated, showed muscle tremors and was biting at itself. brain tissue was submitted for analysis and the clinical diagnosis was confirmed by the fluorescent antibody test and reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction (rt-pcr). phylogenetic anal ...200515991708
occurrence of clostridium tetani in soil and horses.the annual incidence of tetanus in the rsa is up to 300 cases with more than 50% of these coming from natal/kwazulu. the condition of playing fields and the excretion of clostridium tetani by horses was therefore investigated. the overall contamination rate of soils in the durban area is lower than that of published data from other parts of the world, for instance 28% for durban in comparison with 31-42% for japan and quebec. a rugby field in the transvaal showed 40% contamination and a pasture ...19883289126
vp2 gene phylogenetic characterization of field isolates of african horsesickness virus serotype 7 circulating in south africa during the time of the 1999 african horsesickness outbreak in the western cape.we present the first vp2-gene phylogenetic analysis of african horsesickness (ahs) viruses within a serotype. thirteen ahsv 7 isolates were obtained from cases that occurred in south africa during 1998-1999, and three were historical ahsv 7 isolates. the goals were to start a database of isolates of known location and time of isolation and to determine if we could identify the origin of an ahs outbreak in the surveillance area in the western cape. we prepared full-length cdna copies of the vp2-g ...200312782364
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