epizootic of equine influenza in 1969 in poland.epidemiological observations on the course and spread of equine influenza in poland during the 1969 epizootic were carried out. the dynamics of the spread of the disease in the country are shown graphically by voivodship. the disease incidence and mortality rates for the entire country are also shown. the highest incidence of disease and mortality rates were found to be in november 1969. a/equi-2/warsaw/69 was identified as the causal virus. it caused the largest epizootic in the country since 1 ...199310187979
[a search for arborviruses previously not known to occur in poland. ii. serologic and virologic studies in selected areas of warsaw and bia ystock]. 196414328142
[a study on the occurrence of west nile virus in mosquitoes (diptera: culicidae) on the selected areas in poland].west nile virus (wnv), the etiologic agent of west nile fever (wnf), an emerging infectious disease that lately has been rapidly extending its range of occurrence from africa to middle east, and to asia and southern europe. in europe, cases of isolating wnv from mosquitoes representing four genera have been reported from romania, portugal, france, southern russia and what is the most important, from poland's neighbouring countries as the czech republic, slovakia and southern ukraine. these data, ...200919856843
trichinella britovi and trichinella spiralis mixed infection in a horse from poland.trichinella infections in horses continue to represent a health problem and, despite the rarity of infection, it is necessary to continue to control properly horse meat. in 2008, a 10-year-old horse imported from poland to italy for consumption found to have been positive at the digestion test. both trichinella britovi and trichinella spiralis larvae in a proportion of 4:1 were detected in the horse muscles. this is the first report of a mixed trichinella species infection in a horse. the epidem ...200919217211
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