analysis of the strongylid nematodes (nematoda: strongylidae) community after deworming of brood horses in ukraine.communities of intestinal helminths in horses are commonly studied post mortem. the study objectives were here to examine the species composition of the strongylid community in brood horses in ukraine after deworming with an aversectin drug univerm. the site distribution of the strongylid species was analysed according to dynamics of their expulsion in faeces. forty-four horses of different ages from poltavska oblast (22 horses), kyivska oblast (17 horses) and sumska oblast (5 horses) of ukraine ...200515979240
field study on the survival, migration and overwintering of infective larvae of horse strongyles on pasture in central ukraine.experimental studies on the survival of infective stage larvae of horse strongyles and their ability to overwinter on pasture were carried out in central ukraine (poltavska oblast). faecal pats (1.5 kg each) of naturally infected horses were placed on pasture, and samples of faeces and surrounding vegetation (10 g each) were collected each month, excluding the winter months, from november 2002 until april 2004. the number of infective third stage larvae was calculated in each sample and compared ...200616860937
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