alighting of tabanidae and muscids on natural and simulated hosts in the sudan.alighting of horse flies (diptera: tabanidae) and non-biting muscids (diptera: muscidae) was studied at khartoum, sudan, using black cylindrical models mimicking a goat, calf and cow. flies were intercepted by attaching electrocution grids or clear adhesive film to models. alighting sites and defensive behaviour were also documented on hosts through observation. female tabanus sufis (jennicke), t. taeniola (palisot) and atylotus agrestis (wiedemann) were the main tabanids captured. muscids lande ...200919203405
bacteria isolated from uterine washings from mares in the sudan.uterine washes collected from 200 barren mares were examined at the khartoum veterinary clinic during the period may 1977 to may 1978. a variety of bacteria was isolated from 77 per cent of the mares investigated. thirty mares were treated by parenteral injection and intrauterine infusion of the appropriate antibiotics. twenty-one of these mares conceived, of which 17 delivered normal foals and 4 had early embryonic deaths.1979540629
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