experience with the use of an investigational f(ab')2 heptavalent botulism immune globulin of equine origin during an outbreak of type e botulism in egypt.during an outbreak of type e foodborne botulism in cairo in 1991, an investigational equine f(ab')2 "despeciated" heptavalent botulism immune globulin (dbig) was provided to the egyptian ministry of health by the u.s. army. of 54 patients known to have been treated with antitoxins, 4 received commercially available trivalent antitoxins, 45 received dbig, and 5 received both commercial antitoxin and dbig. physicians recorded side effects in 10 (22%) of 45 patients who received dbig; in nine cases ...19968842274
hepatitis e virus infection in work horses in egypt.hepatitis e virus (hev) is an important cause of hepatitis among young egyptian adults with high seroprevalence rates seen in both rural areas of the nile delta and in suburban cairo. because natural antibodies to hev have been detected in animals and zoonotic transmission is postulated, we surveyed work horses in cairo for evidence of hev exposure and viremia. sera from 200 cairo work horses were tested by elisa for the presence of igg anti-hev antibody revealed a seropositivity of 13%. among 1 ...200717046335
elisa-seroprevalence of toxoplasma gondii in draught horses in greater cairo, egypt.toxoplasma gondii is one of the important zoonotic parasites of worldwide. in this paper the seroprevalence of t. gondii in draught horses (3-15 years) including 90 males and 10 females in the first half of the year 2009 was studied. the result showed that the overall elisa-t. gondii antibodies were 25% of the horses in greater cairo, 50% (females) and 22.2% (males).200920120748
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