evaluation of cases admitted to a center in istanbul, turkey in 2003 for rabies vaccination and three rabies cases followed up in the last 15 years.we evaluated the cases of 7,266 individuals who applied to our hospital's center for rabies vaccination between january and december 2003. among 1,831 female and 5,435 male cases, 37% were given 3 doses of vaccination, 14% were given 5 doses, and in 24% of cases a 2-1-1 vaccination schedule was applied. antirabies serum of horse origin was given in 179 cases. regarding the wounds, 83% were superficial and 17% were deep. most of the cases involved dog bites (74%). of the dogs involved, 30% were p ...200616936345
dental and orofacial trauma in pony and horseback riding epidemiological survey was carried among pony and horseback riding children in nine pony and horseback riding clubs, istanbul. the purpose of the present study was to evaluate the prevalence of dental trauma in young pony and horse riders. a total of 214 children were interviewed to determine the occurrence of dental trauma during pony and horseback riding. some 2.3% of participants (n = 5) had already been affected by dental and orofacial trauma. horse riders experienced dental and/or orofac ...200617073918
seroepidemiological survey of rhodoccocus equi infection in asymptomatic horses from bursa, izmir and istanbul provinces, order to assess the rhodococcus equi infection in three provinces of turkey (bursa, izmir and istanbul), 696 sera from healthy foals and adult horses were tested by indirect elisa using a r. equi reference strain (atcc 6939) as antigen. 103 sera (14.80%) with titres >0.646 resulted positive. seroprevalence was significantly higher (p=0.0053) in male than in female horses of istanbul province, although higher antibody titres (mean value) were observed in the female group of bursa and izmir pro ...200617034856
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