filarial infection of equidae in the tehran area of iran.microfilariae of three genera, namely elaeophora böhmi, onchocerca cervicalis and parafilaria multipapillosa were recovered from blood samples of equidae in tehran, iran. these microfilarial infections in equidae are reported for the first time from iran.1977143741
varied prevalence of borna disease virus infection in arabic, thoroughbred and their cross-bred horses in iran.borna disease virus (bdv) naturally infects horses and sheep and induces progressive poliomeningoencephalomyelitis. here, bdv recombinant proteins of the first open reading frame (orf-i; coding for p40 nucleoprotein) and the second orf-ii (coding for p24 polymerase cofactor) were immunoblotted with plasma derived from 72 healthy (28 arabic, 17 thoroughbred and 27 cross-bred) race horses at tehran in iran to detect anti-bdv antibodies. in addition, their peripheral blood mononuclear cells (pbmcs) ...19968896237
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