private and public economic incentives for the control of animal diseases: the case of anthrax in livestock.this study examined the roles of the public and private sectors as economic components of anthrax control with direct reference to the 2005 anthrax outbreak in livestock in north dakota. anthrax is an endemic disease in north dakota, which often causes disease outbreaks in livestock, leading to economic losses to the livestock industry. the economic incentives and interests behind public and private control of an anthrax outbreak are investigated. anthrax management is most effective with the pa ...200818786071
from the centers for disease control and prevention. human anthrax associated with an epizootic among livestock--north dakota, 2000. 200111575325
a review of management practices for the control of anthrax in animals: the 2005 anthrax epizootic in north dakota--case study.outbreaks of anthrax have diverse consequences on society. establishing the appropriate control strategies is very important and crucial in reducing the socio-economic impact of the disease. control measures are aimed at breaking the cycle of infection, and their implementation must be adhered to rigorously. the objectives of this paper were: (i) to review the control strategies currently used in management of anthrax in animals and (ii) to describe management strategies used by producers in nor ...200818489538
risk factors associated with anthrax outbreak in animals in north dakota, 2005: a retrospective case-control study.we identified the risk factors associated with the anthrax outbreak of 2005 in animals in north dakota.200819006977
human anthrax associated with an epizootic among livestock--north dakota, 2000.on august 28, 2000, the north dakota department of health was notified by a local clinician of a patient with a cutaneous lesion suggestive of anthrax following exposure to an infected animal carcass. this report summarizes the investigation of this case, which was associated with an anthrax epizootic among livestock in north dakota, and emphasizes the importance of increased vigilance for human cases of anthrax during and following outbreaks of anthrax among livestock.200111785567
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