evaluation of surface sampling techniques for collection of bacillus spores on common drinking water pipe materials.drinking water utilities may face biological contamination of the distribution system from a natural incident or deliberate contamination. determining the extent of contamination or the efficacy of decontamination is a challenge, because it may require sampling of the wetted surfaces of distribution infrastructure. this study evaluated two sampling techniques that utilities might use to sample exhumed pipe sections. polyvinyl chloride (pvc), cement-lined ductile iron, and ductile iron pipe coupo ...201020082033
the bubonic man. lessons from a bioterrorism incident. 200011186485
alleged b. anthracis exposure claims in a workers' compensation setting.workers' compensation insurance in some states may not provide coverage for medical evaluation costs of workplace exposures related to potential bioterrorism acts if there is no diagnosed illness or disease. personal insurance also may not provide coverage for these exposures occurring at the workplace. governmental entities, insurers, and employers need to consider how to address such situations and the associated costs. the objective of this study was to examine characteristics of workers and ...200616640147
critical issues in bioterrorism preparedness: before and after september 2001.the bioterrorism preparedness and response survey (bprs) was a survey of ohio local health departments' capacity to respond to bioterrorism. soon after completion of the bprs, the events of september 11 occurred, followed by the human cases of anthrax. the ohio response to bioterrorism 2001 survey (orb) identified bioterrorism preparedness issues related to the suspected anthrax incidents. the bprs measured capacity before september 11, 2001, and the orb measured ohio communities' response to wh ...200415235375
chemical weapon functional exercise--cincinnati: observations and lessons learned from a "typical medium-sized" city's response to simulated terrorism utilizing weapons of mass the wake of the september 11, 2001, attacks and the subsequent anthrax scare, there is growing concern about the united states' vulnerability to terrorist use of weapons of mass destruction (wmd). as part of ongoing preparation for this terrible reality, many jurisdictions have been conducting simulated terrorist incidents to provide training for the public safety community, hospitals, and public health departments. as an example of this national effort to improve domestic preparedness for su ...200312766215
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