human cutaneous anthrax--north carolina, 1987. 19883132606
anthrax scare in buncombe county. a lesson in the basics of bioterrorism preparedness. 200212970972
preparing for bioterrorism in north carolina. 200212970969
leads from the mmwr. human cutaneous anthrax--north carolina, 1987. 19883392782
first case of bioterrorism-related inhalational anthrax, florida, 2001: north carolina investigation.the index case of inhalational anthrax in october 2001 was in a man who lived and worked in florida. however, during the 3 days before illness onset, the patient had traveled through north carolina, raising the possibility that exposure to bacillus anthracis spores could have occurred there. the rapid response in north carolina included surveillance among hospital intensive-care units, microbiology laboratories, medical examiners, and veterinarians, and site investigations at locations visited b ...200212396911
human cutaneous anthrax--north carolina, 1987. 19883415276
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