chlorine dioxide reactions with indoor materials during building disinfection: surface uptake.chlorine dioxide received attention as a building disinfectant in the wake of bacillus anthracis contamination of several large buildings in the fall of 2001. it is increasingly used for the disinfection of homes and other indoor environments afflicted by mold. however, little is known regarding the interaction of chlorine dioxide and indoor materials, particularly as related to the removal of chlorine dioxide from air. such removal may be undesirable with respect to the subsequent formation of ...200919350899
chemical weapon functional exercise--cincinnati: observations and lessons learned from a "typical medium-sized" city's response to simulated terrorism utilizing weapons of mass the wake of the september 11, 2001, attacks and the subsequent anthrax scare, there is growing concern about the united states' vulnerability to terrorist use of weapons of mass destruction (wmd). as part of ongoing preparation for this terrible reality, many jurisdictions have been conducting simulated terrorist incidents to provide training for the public safety community, hospitals, and public health departments. as an example of this national effort to improve domestic preparedness for su ...200312766215
instrument development and evaluation of domestic preparedness training for first the wake of domestic terrorists attacks on 11 september 2001 and subsequent bioterrorist events employing anthrax, there no longer can be any debate about the potential for attacks employing nuclear, biological, or chemical (nbc)/weapons of mass destruction (wmd). as one way of acknowledging this long-standing threat and, in a concerted effort to mitigate the effects of possible future domestic nbc/wmd terrorist attacks, the us department of defense (dod) and other us governmental agencies al ...200212627914
bioterrorism preparedness. iii: state and federal programs and of a bioterrorism event will begin with early detection and intervention at the local level. any large-scale event will require rapid state and federal assistance. federal initiatives targeting bioterrorism have increasingly become a complex web of executive and legislative actions, frequently initiated in reaction to specific events, and often unrelated to this threat. multiple executive and legislative branch actions have resulted in a proliferation of federal programs, and coordina ...200212120488
protecting america's secrets while maintaining academic freedom.the terrorist attacks of september 11, 2001, and the subsequent anthrax mail attacks, have had a profound impact on americans' personal and professional lives and have sparked an active debate regarding the delicate balance between the need for national security and the pursuit of academic freedom. although academic freedom can be defined in many ways, there are four primary tenets of freedom in an academic environment: freedom to research, freedom to publish, freedom to teach, and freedom to sp ...200415044166
building academic-practice partnerships: the center for public health preparedness at the columbia university mailman school of public health, before and after 9/11.the center for public health preparedness at the columbia university mailman school of public health is part of a national network of academic centers established by the centers for disease control and prevention to strengthen links between public health practice and academe, especially for public health workforce development. since its inception in fall 2000, the center has been working in partnership with the new york city department of health & mental hygiene (dohmh) on planning and competenc ...200315503608
the rule of law and bioterrorism.bioterrorism is multi-faceted. its impact will extend beyond the victims, the agent used, and the perpetrator(s). the rule of law must be considered in the wake of september 11 and the fall 2001 anthrax attacks. bioterrorism preparedness should address rule of law and social issues. laboratory professionals must be prepared for professional, civil justice, and social impact in the event of a future major bioweapons event.200617181122
managing emotional fallout. parting remarks from america's top psychiatrist. interview by diane coutu.last fall, the united states was brutally thrust into a new and dangerous world. as the twin towers of the world trade center collapsed and the pentagon burned, the horrible reality of terrorism seared the american consciousness. it touched more than the victims and their families; everyone who sat transfixed before the horrific images on tv lived through the trauma. in a sense, we were all eyewitnesses, and we must all cope with feelings of anger, stress, and anxiety. that poses a huge immediat ...200211894678
wake-up call: a bioterrorism exercise.operation wake-up call was a simulated bioterrorism exercise conducted in waukesha county, wisconsin (metropolitan milwaukee) on november 6, 1999. the purpose of the exercise was to test and evaluate the emergency response capability of local municipal, county, state, federal, and reserve military agencies to a weapons of mass destruction terrorist act. the exercise simulated a biological agent (bacillus anthracis spores) release, a hostage-taking event, and the management of multiple biological ...200111778452
chemical and biological weapons. implications for anaesthesia and intensive the wake of recent atrocities there has been renewed apprehension regarding the possibility of chemical and biological weapon (cbw) deployment by terrorists. despite various international agreements that proscribe their use, certain states continue to develop chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction. of greater concern, recent historical examples support the prospect that state-independent organizations have the capability to produce such weapons. indeed, the deliberate deployment ...200212378672
hospitals review plans in wake of latest threats. 200212455485
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