[henry toussaint and louis pasteur. rivalry over a vaccine].henry toussaint (1847-1890) is a veterinary who studied in veterinary school of lyon with his great master auguste chauveau the famous physiologist. this place is the first school founded in europe at the end of the xviiith century and has opened a way of thinking. his carrer brilliant and rich begins first in lyon and then when he is named professor of anatomy and physiology at the veterinary school of toulouse. doctor of science and doctor of medecine toussaint applies "the experimental method ...201020527335
[zoeros pasha's report presented to the sultinate on his return from paris].the ottoman empire dispatched a committee consisting of zoeros pasha, the president, dr. hüseyin remzi and veterinarian hüseyin hüsnü, who were members sent to learn how the method of the vaccination of rabies was practiced in paris in 1886. zoeros pasha relates their studies in paris, as well as his idea on the novelties he observed there and comments on the advantages of them in case of application in the empire, in his report dated december 29th of 1886, prepared on his return from paris. zoe ...199511625087
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