[blood analysis 200 years ago--the theory and practice of hematoscopy in veterinary medicine].since antiquity the macroscopic judgement of blood obtained through phlebotomy was an important constituent of the medical diagnostic procedures. in the progress of blood sedimentation, the "eucrasia" or the "dyscrasia" of the humours became visible. this paper summarizes the historical and theoretical basis of the haematoscopy, and offers insight into the haemodiagnostic practices of a veterinarian at the end of the 18th century. the authority is the professor of veterinary art and medical advi ...19911786040
draft genome sequence of bacillus anthracis bf-1, isolated from bavarian cattle.bacillus anthracis bf-1 was isolated from a cow in bavaria (germany) that had succumbed to anthrax. here, we report the draft genome sequence of this strain, which belongs to the european b2 subclade of b. anthracis. the closest phylogenetic neighbor of strain bf-1 is a strain isolated from cattle in france.201223105087
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