knowledge of causes, clinical features and diagnosis of common zoonoses among medical practitioners in tanzania.many factors have been mentioned as contributing to under-diagnosis and under-reporting of zoonotic diseases particularly in the sub-sahara african region. these include poor disease surveillance coverage, poor diagnostic capacity, the geographical distribution of those most affected and lack of clear strategies to address the plight of zoonotic diseases. the current study investigates the knowledge of medical practitioners of zoonotic diseases as a potential contributing factor to their under-d ...200819046464
the current epidemiology and control of trypanosomiasis and other zoonoses in tanzania.the epidemiology and control strategies of african trypanosomiasis, plague, rabies, brucellosis, anthrax and hydatidosis, the most important and well documented zoonotic diseases in tanzania, have been described. bovine tuberculosis, tetanus, taeniosis, trichinosis and tungosis are also endemic in some parts of the country but records of their incidences are not available. initial outbreaks of trypanosomiasis in tanzania were caused by trypanosoma gambiense which originated from west africa and ...19938261496
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