identification of ctenocephalides felis fleas as a host of rickettsia felis, the agent of a spotted fever rickettsiosis in yucataƄ, search for the vector of the recently recognized spotted fever rickettsiosis of the yucatán, ticks, fleas, and lice were collected from vegetation and dogs in localities where seropositive persons had been found. the arthropods were examined by polymerase chain reaction (pcr) using primers for the genus-specific 17-kda protein gene followed by restriction fragment length polymorphism (rflp) and dna sequencing. eleven (20%) of 54 pools of ctenocephalides felis fleas contained dna of rickettsia ...200212653300
a dog naturally infected with rickettsia akari in yucatan, méxico.rickettsia akari is the causative agent of rickettsialpox, a primarily urban mite-borne rickettsiosis that is encountered in the united states and in a few countries around the world. its vector is the mite liponyssoides sanguineus, which is found on rats and mice, which serve as reservoirs for the disease. in this work we report a severe animal case of r. akari infection with two unusual features: r. akari was found in a dog, and its potential vector was a tick.200919492943
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