survey of porcine parvovirus infection in swine fetuses and their dams at a minnesota abattoir.reproductive tracts were recovered from 209 sow and 32 gilt carcasses at slaughter; animals had been pregnant not less than 27 days. of 241 litters examined, 28 (11.6%) contained one or more porcine parvovirus (ppv)-infected fetuses, as determined by immunofluorescent microscopy. the frequencies in sow and gilt litters were 12.0% and 9.4%, respectively. the ppv antigen was detected in 219 of 334 (65.6%) dead or mummified fetuses and in 12 of 2,172 (0.5%) live fetuses examined. the 18 litters whi ...19817258807
prenatal and preweaning deaths caused by pseudorabies virus and porcine parvovirus in a swine herd.sequential outbreaks of pseudorabies virus and porcine parvovirus infections were documented at a swine farm in southern minnesota. data for the prevalence of mummified fetuses born and the preweaning mortality were recorded over a 3-year-period. the farm was a farrow-to-finish facility, with breeding females housed in 4 groups according to their stage of pregnancy. the herd consisted of approximately 130 breeding females in december 1981, and expanded to 220 females during the 12 months of 1982 ...19852997093
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