a serological survey of swine parvovirus infection in italy.a serological survey to detect the presence of porcine parvovirus (ppv) infection in italy and its geographic distribution was conducted. 1,332 samples of serum collected in 1983/1984/1985 were taken from pig breeding herds and, to a lesser extent, from fattening piggeries of representative regions of italy. they were tested using the hemagglutination inhibition test (hit). the results of the serological study indicate that parvovirus infection is widespread in italian herds having 70.3% of sera ...19892550741
endemic hepatitis c virus infection in a sicilian town: further evidence for iatrogenic transmission.the prevalence of and risk factors for hcv and hbv infections in the general population and the predictive value of alt screening in identifying anti-hcv positive subjects have been evaluated in a small sicilian town. a random 1:4 sampling from the census of the general population was performed. anti-hcv, hcv-rna, hcv genotype, hbsag, and anti-hbc were tested. the linkage between hcv infection and potential risk factors was evaluated by multiple logistic regression analysis. among 721 subjects s ...200212116024
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