further characterization of a new recombinant group of plum pox virus isolates, ppv-t, found in orchards in the ankara province of turkey.sixteen plum pox virus (ppv) isolates collected in the ankara region of turkey were analyzed using available serological and molecular typing assays. surprisingly, despite the fact that all isolates except one, which was a mix infection, were typed as belonging to the ppv-m strain in four independent molecular assays, nine of them (60%) reacted with both ppv-m specific and ppv-d specific monoclonal antibodies. partial 5' and 3' genomic sequence analysis on four isolates demonstrated that irrespe ...200919428744
[short communication: the sensitivity of measles diagnosis by physicians and families during an intraepidemic period in edirne: implications for measles surveillance].measles is still a leading cause of death among young children, despite the availability of a safe and effective vaccine for the past 40 years. euro region of world health organisation including turkey has targeted elimination of measles by the year 2010. it is concluded that there must be a sensitive surveillance system to investigate all suspicious measles cases, and diagnosis should be based on both standardized case definition and laboratory confirmation. standardized case definition based n ...200818444573
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