molecular analysis of microbial communities identified in different developmental stages of ixodes scapularis ticks from westchester and dutchess counties, new york.ixodes scapularis ticks play an important role in the transmission of a wide variety of pathogens between various mammalian species, including humans. pathogens transmitted by ticks include borrelia, anaplasma and babesia. although ticks may harbour both pathogenic and non-pathogenic microflora, little is known about how the diversity of the microflora within ticks may influence the transmission of pathogens. to begin addressing this question, we examined the composition of bacterial communities ...200616623735
a survey of moraxella corneal ulcers in a derelict population.infection with diplobacilli of the moraxella group was the most common cause of bacterial corneal ulcer in a population of derelict alcoholics living in the bowery district in new york city from 1965 through 1968. no distinction could be made between moraxella subspecies on the basis of severity of ulcer or antibiotic sensitivities. of 100 bowery inhabitants examined, 35 harbored moraxella in their noses. after 1968 and coinciding with an improvement in nutrition and sanitation, but with no appa ...19807424745
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