epidemiological typing of moraxella catarrhalis by using dna probes.small-fragment restriction enzyme analysis and dna-dna hybridization were used to compare 60 strains of moraxella catarrhalis isolated from various geographic locations. restriction enzyme analysis with haeiii resulted in 46 different patterns, 7 of which were shared by more than one isolate. hybridizations with two dna probes resulted in 18 different patterns, 11 of which were shared by more than one isolate. strains with the same restriction enzyme pattern always had the same hybridization pat ...19938096219
measles pneumonia in young adults. an analysis of 106 cases.measles occurred in 3,220 air force recruits between january 1976 and july 1979 and was complicated by pneumonia in 106 cases (3.3 percent). although no deaths occurred, the illness was characterized as clinically severe with high fever and prolonged hospitalization (mean, 14.5 days). bacterial superinfection as documented by transtracheal aspiration occurred in 35 cases (30.3 percent) and was caused by hemophilus influenzae (18), hemophilus parainfluenzae (two), neisseria meningitidis (nine), s ...19817282741
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